What is Consolidation service?

How consolidation works

Consolidation service is the service that we combine multiple packages into one box so that you can save a lot of money on international shipping fee. and it's 100 yen per item. Consolidation service in detail is described below.

There are Box A,Box B and Box C in this diagram. Box A is bigger than Box B and C. and Box A has a lot of empty spaces inside box. The size of Box A is a lot bigger than the item inside. It looks like items in Box B and C can be put in Box A. In this case, all these packages can be combined and consolidated in one box(Box A).

There is a time when consolidation cannot be applied. That is when any of Boxes inside does't have enough space to put other items in. If Box A, B and C come with just the right sized box for an item inside. we cannot put an item in any of boxes therefore consolidation service cannot be applied. But you can use Repack service in such case.

Our trained staff will decide if consolidation can be applicable or not by themselves. We will inform you when consolidation service cannot be applied by email. in such case, you can choose to ship separately or use Repack service.

We don't consolidate like this

Some forwarding companies do consolidate like this. but our consolidation is not like this. The weight of cardboard is included and cardboard is not that light. Doing consolidation this way weigh more resulting in more international shipping fee.

Our way of consolidation is to take out an item from a box and put it in other box. This way, you can remove unnecessary weight, weight of box itself, and can ship cheaper. This takes some work but this is all for our customers to be happy. so we chose to do consolidation this way.

Of course, we will add extra protection to the item if nessecery when combined together in the box.

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