Items prohibited to be sent by EMS

Here is the list of prohibited items that cannot ship to overseas from japan. Before purchasing any items, please ensure that it contains no dangerous items or anything that falls under the list below.

Category Sub-Category Examples of Nonmailable Articles
Explosives and hazardous materials Gunpowers Fireworks, firecrackers, ammunitions
Flammable liquids Lighter fuel, paint
Compressed gasses Fire extinguishers, aqualungs, dust removers (spray type), portable condensed oxygen, helium gas, gas stove burners for camping, gas for portable stoves, gas for lighters
Flammable materials Matches, lighters
Oxidizers Bleach, peroxidative agents, oxygen generators for personal use
Oxidizers Chloroform, insecticide transpirators (heat type)
Poisonous substances Mercury, batteries
Radioactive substances Plutonium, radium, uranium, caesium
Narcotics Narcotics and psychotropic substances
Live animals Live animals
Pornographic materials Pornographic or immoral materials

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