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Fast,Cheap,Kind and Reliable package proxy/forwarding service. And our service fee is not weight based. That is what we offer! We love to help people in foreign countries shop without borders! We have Package Forwarding service, Buy-For-Me service and bidding service for you.

Many free services

Our package forwarding service comes with FREE japan address, FREE package photo taken when arrived and 30 days FREE storage!

  • FREE registration
  • FREE japan mailing/shipping address
  • FREE package photo
  • FREE package inspection
  • 30 days FREE storage
  • NO monthly fee

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Our package forwarding handling fee is flat rate of 200 yen per package. very simple and reasonable. JPN-Depot is a Package Forwarding Service in Japan. We consolidate your items and ship to your doorstep. By consolidating items, you can save huge money for shipping fee. You can shop as if you are in Japan and also save money on shipping fee.


Package Forwarding Service Japan

We are believing in achieving our goal of leading provider of package forwarding services. We can provide a more personalized and tailored service to our customers. We have so many great products here in Japan. But Most of stores don't provide a service for overseas. For example, most of stores don't ship to overseas or they don't take a credit card that is issued outside Japan or there are no English pages on their website, etc. By registering our service, you can get your own Japan address for free. With that address, you can shop like you are in Japan! Enjoy shopping in Japan with our service!

How it works

Package forwarding service is pretty simple and easy. If you sign up with JPN-Depot, you can get your own japan address. With your japan address, you can shop at japanese online stores just like we do! Check out how package forwarding service works from the link below.

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We consolidate items

If you buy multiple items from multiple stores, the shipping cost tend to be expensive because you have to pay shipping fee on each package. By consolidating multiple items into one shipment, you only pay shipping fee one time, which means you can save a lot of money.

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Shipping Cost Calculator

You might wonder how much it costs to ship from japan to your home or how long it takes for an item to arrive at your home?. You can instantly find out those answers with this shipping cost calculator. EMS, AIR, SAL, and SURFACE mail is also available with this tool. It is good to know the time and cost beforehand!

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Very simple pricing

Forwarding service fees are sometimes very complicated. You have no idea how much it costs to ship from japan to your country until you actually place an order. Have you ever experienced that it looked very cheap at first glance but later you found out the cost is more than you expected? Our service fees are very simple and easy to understand. You can find out how much it costs in advance. You also can find out how many days to arrive at your place. You get to know how much we love to help our customers shop online as you use our services!

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Why use our service?

We are constantly updating our website as well as services based on our customer's demand. Your comments about our services are always appreciated! And we are always happy to answer your question. so, if you have any question about our service or international shipping, you are more than welcome to ask us any questions. We also have user guide and FAQ prepared for you. You can find an answer by reading them.

How You Use Our Services

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Sign up for FREE and get your own japanese shipping address.

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Shop on your favorite Japanese online stores.

Ship to your very own mailbox

3.Ship it to your Japanese Address.

Merchants send your items to your japanese address.

Consolidate and ship internationally at lowest rate

4.We will ship them to your Doorsteps.

We combine them into one shipment and ship it to your doorstep!

We ship internationally with the lowest cost!

We ship your purchases to your home as low as starting at 1,100 JPY! Enjoy shopping online from your country! Shipping from japan to your country!

Handling fee of 450JPY + Shipping 900JPY + Insurance = 1,350JPY?

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