Handling fee and Other Service Fees

Our forwarding handling fees are very simple. Handling fee is the flat rate of 200 yen per package. No matter how much weight the item is, it's only 200 yen per package. There is no hidden fees behind. The handling and service fees in other forwarding companies are sometimes complicated. So we wanted to make these fees very simple and easy to understand how we charge our handling fees for our customers.

Service Fees

Handling fee 200 yen Our handling fee is as low as 200 yen per package. Flat rate of 200 yen!
Monthly Fees FREE absolutely No monthly fee and No registration fee!
Consolidating Fee 100 yen Consolidation fee is 100 yen per package.
Storage Space 30 days FREE storage. 500 yen PER ITEM for the month after. please note that the storage fee is 500 yen per item, not per package. if you have 5 items in the package, the storage fee is 2500 yen.
Shipping Cost(EMS) 1400 yen ~ See the detail below
Buy-For-Me Fee 500 yen per order 200 yen per order This is the cheapest in the industry! 200 yen per store. no matter how many items you buy from one store, it's 200 yen. let us know your order. we buy it for you!
Repack Option Fee 500 yen per box This is optional. This is the fee for new bigger/smaller box. you can combine multiple items into one big box or put them in a smaller box. The maximum size of the box is 160cm in total size of width, height and length.
Extra protection 200 yen we add extra protection with a bubbled-wrapping to protect an item. basic protection is 200 yen per item and more for delicate items. please contact us for delicate item protection.
Question to shop 100 yen per question If you have a question to a store, we can ask the store your question for you. It's 100 yen per question.
Yahoo Auction Bid 500 yen per auction 200 yen per auction We can bid on Yahoo Auction Japan on your behalf and it's 200 yen per auction.
Payment Charge 3.9% + 40 yen 3.9% + 40 yen (credit card and PayPal)
Bank Transfer(Wire Transfer) Fee 1,500 yen If you prefer to pay by Bank transfer, the bank transfer charge is 1,500yen and it's added to the international shipping cost.
Return goods 1,000 yen Returning goods to a merchant costs 1,000 yen per package. please make sure your order when placing an order at the store.

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