Bidding on Yahoo Auction Japan

bidding on yahoo auction japan

Our bidding service is simple. just input an item name, auction URL and deposit in the form and make a payment. then, you are all set. we take care of the rest of process by ourselves. Deposit is the money that you can pay at most for the item.
And all the cost you need will be calculated automatically and instantly when you input deposit. so, please confirm and make a payment. Below is how our bidding service works.

1. Input item name, auction URL and deposit

Plesae input item name, auction URL and your deposit in the request form. Deposit is the amount of money that you can pay for the item you want to bid.

2. Make a payment via PayPal

All the cost you need is automatically calculated instantly. so please confirm your cost and click PayPal button to make a payment. All the fees you need are item price, our handling fee, bank transfer fee and payment charge. Domestic shipping fee is decided when the auction ends. so, the shipping fee is not included at this stage.

3. we will place a bid on the item

After we confirm your payment, we will place a bid on the item you specified. please note that we cannot take a request for the timing of a bid. we usually place a bid right after we confirm your payment.

4. we will notify you the result

we will notify you the result when we win the auction by email. and we start to arrange the payment and the shipment with the seller.

5. the item arrives at our warehouse

we notify you when the item arrives at our warehouse by email. so, please login to our website and confirm the item detail in My Account.

Prices for bidding on yahoo auction Japan

Handling 500 yen 200 yen This is our handling fee for the bidding service. 500 yen per bid.
Bank transfer fee 165 yen We will make a payment for the item to the seller by Bank transfer as most sellers only accept bank transfer. 165 yen per transaction.
Question to seller 100 yen per question If you have any questions for the seller, we can ask them for you. it's 100 yen per question. just let us know your question. then we translate into Japanese and ask them the question.
Payment charge 3.9% + 40 yen Payment charge is the charge that PayPal takes for transaction.
Cancellation 1,000 yen We basically do not accept a cancellation of the auction after we place a bid. if you really have to cancel the auction, we take 1000 yen as a cancelation fee.

FAQ for bidding yahoo auction Japan

  • would you return my money if the auction didn't win.
    Yes, we will return your all money if the auction didn't win. we do not take any charges for return.
  • The auction ends really soon. would you bid for me?
    We cannot promise 100% but we can take care of auctions that are ending soon. but we appreciate if you could create a bidding request at least one hour before it ends.
  • I would like to cancel my auction. would you cancel it?
    We bid with our account and if we cancel it, we get a bad evaluation. so, we are afraid that we cannot take a cancelation request for the auction. if you really need to cancel the auction, we will take 1,000 yen charge for cancelation.
  • would you return my money if the auction ends at the cheaper price than my deposit
    Yes, we do return money if there is any difference between the winning price and your deposit. we re-calculate the cost based on the winning price and pay you back the difference.
  • I would like to ask a seller a question. would you ask him/her for me?
    Yes, we do ask a seller a question for you. just let us know your question and we translate and ask him/her a question for you. Question to a seller is 100 yen per question.

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