What is Repack service?

How Repack service works

Repack option service is the optional service that we combine multiple items into on NEW box so that you can save huge money on international shipping fee. Repack service is 500 yen. This fee is sort of box fee.

We prepare a new box that can fit all of your items and ship it in one shipment. Doing so gets much cheaper than shipping them separately.

In the example above, You purchased 3 items from some stores and 3 boxes came to our warehouse like above. Box A,B and C is just right sized box for an item inside. there is no extra space to put other items in together.

In this case, you have the choice of either to ship separately or use Repack service. Obviously shipping them separately costs a lot because international shipping fee occurs on each package.

Here comes Repack service. By using Repack service, international shipping fee occurs only one time because all of your items is put in one box. This is how Repack service works and the benefits of using it.

This takes some work but it's all for our customers. so it's all good!

We don't repack like this

Some companies repack items in one new box by putting a box itself into new box. Doing this repack weigh more because unnecessary box weight is added to the total weight. You end up paying more international shipping fee.

We know you want to save money on international shipping fee. So, we don't do repack this ways.

Our repacking is take out an item itself from a box and put it into new box. Doing this way save money on international shipping fee because unnecessary box weight is removed from the total weight. The lighter the box, cheaper the international shipping fee.

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