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Registration is really simple. Just go to the Registraion page and fill out several fields like email, password, your name, your country, etc. It takes only 3minutes to complete. Within 3 minutes registration, you can get your very own japanese address instantly. You can confirm your japanese shipping address right after login. Please make sure to input your shipping address in My Account page after completing the registration.

Customer identification and varification

Package forwarding companies are required by Japanese law to perform customer's identification check. This law was created by Japanese government on March 2011. So, we need to confirm your name, the date of birth and your current address before we ship your packages to your home. Please kindly allow us to check your identification first. This verification check is performed only one time.

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Registration is totally FREE and takes only 3 minutes! You can get your own Japan address when you register with JPN-Depot. With our package forwarding service, you can shop like you are in Japan!


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We have the conditions that we would like you to know before you use our services. Please read this contents before using our services.

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