How to order Buy-For-Me

Buy For Me service is the service that we purchase an item at your favorite online store on your behalf.
All you have to do is to just give us the item information such as item url, price, quantity, color, size, etc, we will take care of the rest.
If you have difficulties of reading japanese or you need to register their website to purchase but don't know how or the merchant don't accept your credit card because it is issued in your country.
In those cases, we will purchase your item for you!

1.How to order Buy-For-Me service

click Buy For Me link in the right side menu. You see the Buy-For-Me form like above.

Just input item name, item url, size, color, quantity for your item and submit. If you have any special instruction for us to know beforehand, please tell us your instruction.

2.Your Buy-For-Me order saved

When you input all information, click Submit to save your Buy-For-Me Order.

3. Your Buy-For-Me order are listed

Once you submit your request, Your Buy-For-Me order is saved and listed like above.
Click Item Name to view the item detail. and click X to delete the item.

4.Request Buy-For-Me Option

When you click on Request BuyForME Button on step3, Buy-For-Me option page will show up like above. If you have any special instruction, please input. Otherwise, click Request to submit your request.

5. Thanks page shows up

And you are all done with Buy-For-Me request!

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