How It Works - Package Forwarding Service

Register with us and get free japanese address.

First, Register with JPN-Depot and get your own japan address. Registration will take only 3 minutes. There is no monthly fee or hidden fee. Registration here.

You are ready to go shopping on your favorite stores.

After completing your registration, Login to our website and check your Japan address.

Your own Japan address shown in My Account area. When you confirm your own Japan address, you are ready to go!

When you shop at japanese online stores, make sure that you input your Japan address and phone number in address field at checkout.

Please note that there are prohibited items that we cannot export from Japan. Please check here before you actually make a purchase. Also, We cannnot accept an item over 30kg in weight or over 160cm in total size(Length + Hieght + Width).

Check, weigh, calculate and packing.

When your purchases arrive at our warehouse, we let you know by Email and our site.

then we calculate your shipping costs and service fee, and inform you the details in our site. Please make a payment though PayPal.

In addition, when packages arrive, we do a visual inspection to make sure that your packages are not damaged.

We don't perform a visual inspection to a package with a gift wrapping. If you do not want us to do a visual inspection, please let us know though our contact form.

Shipping to your doorstep!

Once step1-3 is done, we will proceed to ship to your country upon confirmation of payment.

Packages will be shipped via EMS. you can track your package from our website.

we will try as quickly as possible to ship to your house after receiving your package at our warehouse but please allow us to have 1-2 business days to process your shipment.

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Registration is totally FREE and takes only 3 minutes! You can get your own Japan address when you register with JPN-Depot. With our package forwarding service, you can shop like you are in Japan!


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