Plesase read before using our services

Please make sure to read the following contents before using our services.

Cash On Delivery payment

We do not accept an order with COD(Cash On Delivery) payment. Please do not choose the words like "代引き" at checkout. We are most likely to reject a package with COD payment.

Prohibited Items

There are several items that cannot be shipped from japan to overseas. Please refer to the link below for the details.
Prohibited items to ship internationally

an item over 30kg

We cannot ship an item with over 30kg on EMS. The weight includes the weight of package and/or wrapping. Please confirm with the merchant if your item weighs around 30kg.

Item value of over 200,000 yen

We do not accept an item with over 200,000 yen. If an item values over 200,000 yen, we are required to write special documents for the custom and are not supporting it. Also, we do not consolidate or repack packages if their total value gets over 200,000 yen.

Lithium batteries

less than 2 lithium batteries can be shipped from japan on EMS but no more than 2 lithium batteries. If your items comes with more than 3 lithium batteries, we have to ship separately. we cannot ship them in one shipment. And there are countries that don't accept lithium batteries at all. please consult with the custom at your country for condition of acceptance.

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Please read before using our services

We have the conditions that we would like you to know before you use our services. Please read this contents before using our services.

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