Question: How do you process my item when arrived at your warehouse?

Here is how we process your order.

1. we receive your item from a merchant.
2.we notify you of the arrival of your item by email.
3.You can then either choose to have it prepared for shipping straight away or wait until other purchases have arrived and send them in the same package.
4.We receive a shipping request from you via our website.
5.we perform visual inspection and pack your item more if necessary for shipment.
6.we notify you of the international shipping fee and our handling fee.
7.You make a payment via PayPal or Bank transfer through our website.
8.We confirm your payment.
9.We ship it to you on EMS or other carrier if preferred and send the EMS tracking number by email.

During our business hours, Monday to Saturday, 9am to 6pm, our operation staffs process your shipment. we may ship your package the next day if your payment is made after 4pm(local time) but we try as much as we could to ship in the same day. If you have any special instruction for your shipment, feel free to enter your instruction when submitting the shipping request. we have the form for special instruction. Please note that we do not take instruction like below

・I want my package to arrive at my home on specified date and time.
・Undervalue request.

In addition, shipment may take longer depending on your instruction, in that case, we will contact you by email.

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